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The Both

Musical artists Aimee Mann and Ted Leo paired up to form The Both. (Photo: Rolling Stone)

Musical artists Aimee Mann and Ted Leo paired up to form The Both.
(Photo: Rolling Stone)

File the debut LP from The Both under “Odd Collaborations That Work.” It sounds almost like the start of a joke: “What do you get when you cross a punk rocker with a folk rocker?” While you could (because you’re all very clever people) come up with a dozen and a half funnier answers than the whole of the Tuff…

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Jacqueline Falcone’s Bed & Breakfast - Intimacy in the Arts

Jacqueline Falcone’s Bed & Breakfast – Intimacy in the Arts

Jacqueline Falcone might be a relatively newer-ish name to South Florida’s art scene but she is quickly establishing herself as one of the more dynamic curators/programmers working in the contemporary arts. Equal parts concept, DIY and community-oriented; her “Bed & Breakfast” provides an experience not normally found within the cold aesthetics of galleries and/or museums: intimacy.

While the…

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Nerve City - Asleep on the tracks

Nerve City – Asleep on the tracks

Upon walking back in from a break in bands at a small show at the Black Box in Cutler bay, I saw 2 dudes on the stage; a punker looking dude with a guitar and another dude on a drum kit.

They then began kicking my ass with a garage rock inspired 2-piece assault. This band was the big band on the flyer, Nerve City. I had no idea who they were, I had gone to see my buddies in Bulletproof Tiger…

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Hedgehog – Phantom Pop Star

Chuck Livid gives Beijing’s Hedgehog’s new album- Phantom Pop Star 5 stars! @hedgehogrock #Indie #Noise #Rock #Shoegaze #China #刺猬


Beijing, China trio Hedgehog are releasing a new album next week entitled “Phantom Pop Star”. Hedgehog creates a magical dreamscape of beautiful and articulate noise pop. Dual vocalists help propel the band into unknown territory in songs like Phantom Pop Star. The track mashes guitarist/vocalist Zo’s poppy yet less up-beat voice with drummer/vocalist’s Atom’s gorgeous higher-pitched vocals and…

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Ghoul – Hang Ten

Chuck Livid gives Ghoul’s new album- ‘Hang Ten’ a perfect score. #Punk #Thrash #Metal #Grindcore @GhoulOfficial


Oakland/Creepsylvania, California’s Ghoul combines the things that make bands like Gwar amazing- costumes, crazy cracked out stories and tons of fake blood.  Linking thrash, death metal, grindcore and occasionally ‘60s surf into the mix and Ghoul destroys everything in its path. Although theoretically the idea of death metal and surf together sounds laughable, take my word for it Ghoul’s Hang Ten

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The Reinvention of Bob Suren

The Reinvention of Bob Suren


Bob Suren and friend are not afraid of a little #selfie action.

Bob Suren is one of the most recognized individuals in the history of Florida’s punk rock scene. A longtime fixture of the “lifestyle” in too many capacities to mention in one breath, Suren’s hand has been in a record store, radio show, bands, promotions, distribution, writing and running a record label.

A little while back, due to…

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The Shakeys - White Lightning EP

Chuck Livid’s whopping 110 word review of The Shakeys - White Lightning EP for @TuffGnarlBlog. #Punk #Australia #Perth #Garage #Bandcamp


The city of Perth in Australia has molded quite possibly one of the greatest garage bands currently active- The Shakeys. The bands’ sound borrows from the guitars of The Saints, the rhythm section of the Donnas and the soul of the Ramones.

Their new EP White Lightninghits on all the elements that make a record satisfying time and time again- catchy hooks, powerful vocals and an aggressive “fuck…

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Mouth Artist Larime Taylor Explores the Noir Macabre with “A Voice in the Dark”

Mouth Artist Larime Taylor Explores the Noir Macabre with “A Voice in the Dark”

The beautiful Zoey Aarons is the serial killer protagonist of A Voice in the Dark.

The beautiful Zoey Aarons is the serial killer protagonist of A Voice in the Dark.

Larime Taylor draws with his mouth. He’s been doing so for his entire life. Born with arthrogryposis, a neuromusculoskeletal disorder which prevents him from using his arms extensively or walking, he uses a Wacom Cintiq tablet to bring his brainchild, the Top Cow comic book, A Voice in the Dark, to life.


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Beloved ’90s Icons House of Pain – Getting to Know You

Beloved ’90s Icons House of Pain – Getting to Know You


Here at Tuff Gnarl we have a schizophrenic relationship with House of Pain, one of the ’90s most recognizable figures in hip-hop. Denying their place and merit in the pantheon of hip-hop’s greats would be comparable to shooting oneself in the foot; just plain silly. On a personal level, I have always been a fan of their intergalactic hit “Jump Around” and a bit of a hater when it comes to the…

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Look like a Grown-Up, Dammit! (On the Cheap)

Look like a Grown-Up, Dammit! (On the Cheap)

So, welcome back. In our last installment we talked about the Navy Blazer and how it can make most of us slackers look just a bit more cleaned up and presentable. This time around, I want to talk about how you can procure such a garment.

-The first step I recommend is going into a menswear store or department store and ask an associate to measure you. The important measurement here is your…

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FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014: A Thrilling and Exciting Tournament (Rant and Recap)

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Costa Rica 2014: A Thrilling and Exciting Tournament (Rant and Recap)

The most feared attacking duo of the tournament: Deyna Castellanos (9) and Gabriela Garcia (11).

Yes, the title to this piece contains the words “thrilling” and “exciting” and it concerns women’s football at the U-17 level. These teenaged girls between the ages of fourteen and seventeen just put on a world class example of the beautiful sport in the gorgeous host nation of Costa Rica. As a…

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Your Parties Suck. Ali Spagnola Can Help.

Your Parties Suck. Ali Spagnola Can Help.



Parties have gotten stale. Admit it: the last time you were at a party, you looked at your watch while the guy who just began Crossfit cornered you, trapping you for what seemed an hour and a half and all the while you thought, “I missed Grandma’s Boy on Comedy Central for this?” The older you get, the lamer you get. It’s science.

Pittsburgh native, Ali…

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Survay Says! - Observations Of The Human Condition

Survay Says! Album Review! #Ska #PopPunk # Punk #NJ #NewJersey @SurvaySays @ReelBigFish


I was immediately floored by the modern pop punk barrage in the intro of New Jersey pop punkers Survay Says!Observations of the Human Condition. It was like a Four Year Strong/Streetlight Manifesto/Against All Authority/Folly sandwich. And that, my friends, was like a BLT for my ears. While somewhat derivative of their contemporaries, these guys throw a ska-flavored twist into their…

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The Jellyfish Brothers – Sentinels of the Space Age

The Jellyfish Brothers – Sentinels of the Space Age

The Alvarez brothers gel well, like jellyfish brothers should. Greg and Ed, guitar and drums respectively have had a clear vision of where they would like to be sonically and with the addition of Shroud Eater’s Janette Valentine on bass and vocals, the dimensions are only beginning to be explored. Following their delicious cassette release Bloom with the six song EP Sentinels of the Space Age,…

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Best Electronic Albums of 2014… So Far

Best Electronic Albums of 2014… So Far

Glitch Mob – Love Death Immortality


This album is sick. Really, I could just stop there and leave.

It has been four years since Glitch Mob’s first release, Drink the Sea; for those of you not familiar, it is truly a stand-alone electronic masterpiece. Part of me just wants to rant about the exceptionally clever programming that went into this album and how I had been salivating at the release…

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